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Lieve Alie

 Dear Alie,

Last month, on April 1, the playground in the Rederijkersstraat reopened. We had eaten quickly and wanted to go there soon. We had to be there early, otherwise there would be no more swings available and that is the best thing about the playground.
I was going to go to the toilet, but my sister was on it. I yelled, "Hurry up!"
She came out of the toilet, grabbed me and pushed me in. Foolishly, I kept my balance by holding on to the door frame. My sister closed the door with my finger in between. I screamed, but she didn't notice.

It hurt really bad. My father was called from the garden into the country and rode his bicycle to Zuidwal hospital with me in front. It turned out that the tip of my index finger was almost off. Fortunately, the doctor was able to sew it on, but my nail had to be pulled off.
The sister who connected me was very sweet. She said: "You should also become a nurse later, that is a very nice profession".

My finger is healing well now, but it will leave me with a scar. I also have to go to the hospital a lot of times for check-ups.
Only in the hospital do you see that there are much worse things than the tip of your finger. I also think it would be very nice to become a nurse. I have to learn a lot, but I think it would be very nice to be able to help others when they are ill. Maybe I can probably do a first aid course, but then again, I'm only eight.

I still like the playground very much. There is also a nice security guard. If there is anything, you can always contact him. When I come home from school with my girlfriend from the Ferrandweg, we pass by and we can enjoy ourselves, because we have a strict master.
Until next time, I'll write something about school.

Greetings from your niece Wil Stam

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